I lost a follower after I posted my oatmeal photo. WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST OATMEAL. (⊙︿⊙✿)

I think it was the chia seeds, which looked like pepper. They probably saw it, and immediately thought someone poured pepper on oatmeal, and oatmeal + pepper = the path to darkness.

(or they thought they were following too many blogs, and unfollowed a few to make their dash less “busy,” and it just so happened to be after the oatmeal incident)


@ssozi_sojin: 히히 태국 잘 도착해서 잘자구* #플랜코리아 와함께 아이들 만나러 출발합니다:)

@ssozi_sojin: heehee I arrived and slept well in Thailand* We’re now leaving with #PlanKorea to see the kids:)

trans. cr: erica @ fyeahgsd - take out with full credits